Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Constable - Fiercing Law Abiding and Enforcer

Poet, City warrior, keeper of peace, The Constable is in town.

Action and adventure in British style as a Cornish Pastie.

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Caro, responde-me a isto e envia-me por e-mail, sff!

Mutate & Survive anthology was 10 years ago!!!! It's in it the last copies to be sold out!
I'm contacting every contributor to know if you're alive and kicking! And making a small interview as a comemoration thing!

So, how are you?

Why did you contribute for Mutate & survive?

Did you liked the book?

Had it any meaning in your life, profession, work? If so, explain it better...

Leave a message or make a comix/illustration (we'll post it in our blog)