Monday, October 03, 2011

The New Peasants - Novos Rurais

The new trend in Portugal is to return to the rural fields. Due to the economic crisis people are starting to grow kitchen herbs, tomatoes and letuces while still connected to the Wi Fi.
In time, there will be a new feudal world, with powerful Lords and peasants without private property but there will be Wi Fi.
And then the peasants will be able to hear ''Deolinda'' which is one the foremost representants of the new trendy new rural music.
I like to see them with their rural clothes and traditional shawls and their Wi Fi broadband.
It's very funny, despite being sad.
A nova tendência em Portugal é regressar aos campos de cultivo. Devido à crise económica as pessoas começaram a plantar ervas de cheiro, tomates e alfaces enquanto ligados à internet sem fios de banda larga.
Com o tempo haverá um novo mundo feudal, com poderosos Senhores feudais e camponeses sem propriedade privada, haverá contudo internet sem fios de banda larga.
Assim os novos rurais poderão ouvir os ''Deolinda'' que são o expoente máximo da tendência ''Novo Rural''
Gosto de vê-los com as suas roupas e xailes tradicionais e a sua internet sem fios de banda larga.
É muito engraçado, apesar de ser triste.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Col. Gaddafi - Come and get me!!!

Oil for thought. - Petroleo para pensamento.
Defying to the end. Will Gaddafi avert from the falling barrel? Who knows?
Desafiador até ao fim. Conseguirá Kadafi desviar-se do barril em queda? Quem sabe?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Constable - Fiercing Law Abiding and Enforcer

Poet, City warrior, keeper of peace, The Constable is in town.

Action and adventure in British style as a Cornish Pastie.

Fat Bastard - A short tale of a large problem

An epic story about a small mouse whose life is touched by the comming of two foreigners.
A true wonderful London tale of Olympic proportions.

Comming soon.